Monday, August 29, 2016

Using a Painting or Drawing App

I have a Kindle Fire and I get anything I want movies, books, music, and apps. I recently got some painting apps and I find them helpful when I don't have a pencil and paper at hand. SketchBook and ArtRage are the two apps I think any artist should have.

For example

This was done using the SketchBook app I wanted to do a tree in a dark forest and there was a color them I wanted to use blue, yellow, and orange. The leaves would be pink and red shades and I wanted light come from the back of the tree and I wanted to scatter all the leaves around. Now this was ok but I wanted a pathway, so using SketchBook app I came up with this.

This was better but I wanted a pathway I and I wanted to use a art medium that would get me the look I wanted. I decided to use watercolor on hot press paper. I use cold press paper to make some idea what I wanted. I know that the art work will not be like the digital painting but it will give me an idea in what I wanted and what colors to use.

The final image was created on hot press paper using Qor watercolors, Mission Gold watercolors and Intense blocks.

So if you are reading this blog I have to ask what do thing about painting or drawing apps? Do you think they could help an artist when it comes to creating an artwork in any media?

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