Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Watercolor Inspired

This is the first watercolor book by Jean Haines that I got. I plan to get other books by her and I plan to try some of the exercises and lessons in them so far I like the idea of a loos approach to watercolor. I don't have to try so hard.

You can go tight with watercolor but that takes time and patience that I some times don't have. With Jean Haines approach with watercolor you can loosen up and strip as much of the detail of a subject you want and focus on the ideas of the subject.

Hear are some washes I did using QOR Watercolors. I needed to clean up a pallet and I did not want to waste a watercolor paint.

Not only did I use the watercolor I used salt and saran wrap to create the light and dark texture of the wash. Now I have to create an image out of them.

Before I got the book I wanted to know more about Jean Haines what she does with watercolor. In what I understand she takes watercolor and create washes then she create images that are loose and impressionistic. The color are bright and spontaneous and I like that. 

I plan to get her videos and books so I can get a better idea of her approach in watercolor so right now I am creating washes using my colors and think up ideas to go with them

When you see these wash what images come to mine let me know.

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